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M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity

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Dutch artist M.C Escher (1898-1972) acheived a resurgence in popularity after his death that continues into the present. Artist, mathematician, psychologist and philosopher, Escher's work borders on the psychadelic and has been used in films, fiction, posters and tattoos and has puzzled and entertained people beyond those just interested in art. This eye-opening documentary by Robin Lutz, using Escher's own words, delves into his process and his ideas using information from his notes, letters, and lectures which are voiced by actor Stephen Fry. (Not Rated)

Running Time: 81 minutes

“As far as I know, there is no proof whatever of the existence of an objective reality apart from our senses, and I do not see why we should accept the outside world as such solely by virtue of our senses.” M.C. Escher 

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