The Flicks

646 Fulton Street
Boise ID 83702

Cinema 208.342.4222
Video • Cafe • Office 208.342.4288

Flicks Movie Rentals

You can come in and browse or call ahead to rent and pick up Curbside!

Inside the Flicks is our movie rental section. The Flicks has DVD's a few Blurays and a small selection of movies on VHS. Check out the collection in person or call us to see if a title you are interested in is available - 208-342-4288

Rental shop hours: Monday-Thursday: 4pm-9:30pm & Friday-Sunday: Noon-9:30pm

Each movie rental is $2.79 (+ sales tax) for a 2 day rental (they are due by 9PM). We have a night drop box if needed. Purchase the Flicks Rental punchcard (10 punches) for $18.00 (+sales tax) and save over $10.00



M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity

The life and work of M.C. Escher is presented primarily through his own words in the form of his writings being read against a backdrop of images associated to him, including archival footage of himself and images of his drawings. Many further details are provided by surviving family members. Escher himself considered what he did being caught between the worlds of art and mathematics - he not very good at either - his drawings always having an element of geometry. He made a conscious decision to work in monochromatic black and white realizing that he would be missing being able to convey ideas that are inherent with color. The evolution to two of his later periods is discussed, namely his series of drawings of the human eye, and what would become his ultimate fascination, that of the concept of infinity, whether it be real, as in the circle or the study of a man viewing a picture of himself viewing a picture of himself and so on, or perceived through illusions, such as his. NR

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