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Filmfort 2023

MARCH 23-25

Filmfort is a 3-day festival celebrating the best of emerging independent cinema during Treefort Music Fest. We showcase diverse cinematic perspectives for audiences of all persuasions, ranging from the enigmatic to the experimental to the offbeat. Established at Treefort in 2014, Filmfort has been bringing a diverse slate of films and exceptional DIY filmmakers to Boise for over 8 years.

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Parking for Filmfort at The Flicks is limited. 

How to Navigate Treefort

Film Line-up and Schedule 

Thursday, March 23:

7:00pm - DUSTY & STONES: Dusty and Stones struggle to sustain a country music career in their tiny African Kingdom of Swaziland and yearn for greater recognition. When they are unexpectedly nominated to compete in a Texas battle of the bands, the two cousins journey to the heart of American country music, determined to win big and turn their careers around. Featuring Q+A with director Jesse Rudoy and the band members of Dusty & Stones. Movie Website

Friday, March 24:

7:00pm - SONG OF THE CICADA: In the coastal town of Galveston, Texas, Dale Carter lives as a mortician in his Victorian home with his protégé and friend. Over the course of a decade, this observational documentary chronicles his daily life with friends, family and strangers alike, as he navigates the mortuary profession and his attempts to realize his dream of renovating a historic home in Beaumont, Texas. Song of the Cicada explores the philosophies and motives behind the macabre obsessions that define this eccentric mortician. Opens with a short about two Latter-day Saint missionaries who bring a Book of Mormon to a wicked lady. Movie Website

Saturday, March 25: 

2:45pm - WE WILL SPEAK: The Cherokee language is deeply tied to Cherokee identity; yet generations of assimilation efforts by the U.S. government and anti-Indigenous stigmas have forced the Tri-Council of Cherokee tribes to declare a State of Emergency for the language in 2019. While there are 430,000 Cherokee citizens in the three federally recognized tribes, fewer than an estimated 2,000 fluent speakers remain—the majority of whom are elderly. Language activists, artists, and the youth must now lead the charge of urgent radical revitalization efforts to help save the language from the brink of extinction. Opens with a short poetic memoir, a love letter that speaks of introspection and what it means to rediscover who you are and cherish where you come from. Q+A with Director Schon Duncan Movie Website

4:45 - MOTHER NATURE IS SCREAMING: 2 documentary portraits of an ecosystem struggling with wildfire management and salmon restoration. Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire tells the story of longer and more deadly fire seasons that require cutting edge science and indigenous knowledge to bring management techniques into focus.  Southern Range: Salmon in the Santa Cruz Mountains will open the block with a short film on salmon restoration. Q+A with the Director Kyle Baker, will follow. Movie Trailer

7:15 - WAKE UP, LEONARD: Part self-help nightmare and all comedy, WAKE UP, LEONARD is a feel good movie about feeling bad. This is the story of a broken-hearted seeker with a tenuous grasp on wellness and too much faith in the Universe. Opens with a short film about a black man who tries to take a vacation.  Q+A with Director Kat Mills Martin to follow. Movie Trailer



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