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We are Rhodes & The Chud


Rhodes to Bogus Films presents - We are Rhodes along with The Chud

We are Rhodes - This documentary includes archival footage from the last 24 years with interviews and stories
about the people who lived through the evolution of a subculture and their contributions toward
cultivating the boarding community. Paul Schoenfelder narrates, who served as a liaison for the
City of Boise through the Parks and Recreation Department and became a key player in helping
to bridge the gap between business owners and young skateboarders, many of the latter who
became members and leaders of the Boise Skateboard Association. Their collective vision
created a better place for youth and adults to skate.

The Chud - Americana Skate Park and the Skater hang out known as the “Tidy Bowl'' existed in the 1970s
but were both gone by the 1980s. A short-lived indoor park called the “Ramp Ranch” served as a
site for a bit, but kids usually gathered to skate in backyards, old pools, and parking lots. “The
Chud” was a ramp where skaters gathered.


Tickets $10 and will be available soon



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